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Ghanwat Tech Services a custom healthcare software development company, has built turnkey healthcare IT solutions for its worldwide clientele. Our team leverages its expertise in custom medical software development to assist clients in automating business processes, offer innovative medical services and modernize how they serve patients. Hire us today!

Ghanwat Tech Services Healthcare Software Development Company

We deliver healthcare IT software solutions beyond expectations!

As a top-notch custom medical software development services provider, our healthcare experts know how to make our clients stand apart from others. We understand all the nitty gritty regarding the healthcare sector and custom healthcare software development. Our healthcare IT experts can design, develop, integrate and deliver healthcare software solutions that deliver unparalleled experience and excellence.

Full-Blown Healthcare Software Development Services

Ghanwat Tech Services a medical software development company, delivers unsurpassable healthcare IT solutions to your business needs. Our healthcare IT experts understand that no two project needs are the same and thus provide custom MedTech software development to deliver exceptions. Our healthcare solution development services include the following:

Healthcare Mobile App

We are here to transform your app idea into a reality that will reach various lives owing to its feature-rich nature. Ghanwat Tech Services. employs the latest technologies to build dynamic and user-friendly healthcare mobile apps.

Healthcare Web Development

Ghanwat Tech Services we use the latest technology, Android SDK, and high-level programming languages to develop web solutions that work well on various devices. We strive to deliver high-performing web solutions for healthcare.

Healthcare Software Development

Look no further than Ghanwat Tech Services to get a healthcare software developed that integrates AR and VR technologies. We build robust softwares that can enrich the user’s experience.

App Solutions For Wearables

Gain competitive advantage over others by getting an IoT app developed. Our team of developers harness the potential of the latest technologies to customize a solution that can transform your business.

IoMT Apps

IoMT is on the way to becoming one of the most sought after technologies in the world of healthcare services. We build solutions from scratch and scale up healthcare businesses in less time.

Healthcare MVP Development

Gain entry into the healthcare market with the innovation in the product. Our healthcare development team carries practical skills and problem-solving analytical knowledge to take your project to the next level.

Healthcare Software Solutions We Offer

Ghanwat Tech Services a top healthcare software development company, empowers clients in the healthcare sector to integrate advanced technologies to serve patients in the least complicated manner. We offer highly secure, reliable, and robust healthcare software solutions for enhanced patient-doctor engagement.

Tech Stack We Use For Custom Medical Application Development

We cover the entire spectrum of your healthcare custom software development requirements by using the right set of technologies and delivering real results. Healthcare facilities can leverage our highly advanced software solutions to automate business processes and effectively serve patients worldwide.


The application of IoT in the healthcare industry helps patients, families, doctors, hospitals, and insurance companies. IoT uses sensors and devices to measure your operations and gather Big Data. It facilitates tracking patients’ adherence to treatment plans and identifies the need for any immediate medical attention.


A healthcare custom software development company incorporates AR/VR into healthcare solutions. AR/VR provides improved patient experience, data visualization & body mapping, advanced diagnostics & risk assessment, surgery assistance, medical education, and staying prepared for any unfortunate situation.

Big Data

Big Data is the vast quantity of information created due to digitization, which gets consolidated by specific technologies. The healthcare industry has identified that big data application brings positive outcomes in the healthcare sector. Big data analytics effectively prevents epidemics, curing illnesses, and reduces costs.


Blockchain places the patient at the center of the healthcare ecosystem and improves the security & interoperability of healthcare data. An extensive blockchain network can improve efficiency and patient health outcomes. Blockchain-based healthcare solutions create better connections to generate valuable insights and better value.

Voice Enabled

Voice recognition technology has brought a wave of transformation in the healthcare industry, enabling medical staff to save time that goes into data entry. An expert healthcare software development company can integrate voice-enabled software for handling follow-up calls, appointments and engaging patients in an interactive manner.

Artificial Intelligence

AI is a smarter choice than traditional analytics and clinical decision-making techniques. The technology is yet to be explored thoroughly, but it is sure to bring advances like AI-assisted robotic surgery, virtual nursing assistants, support in clinical judgments, management of workflow & administrative tasks, and image analysis.

Our Healthcare IT Services Benefits

Improved Treatments

Health care solutions that are connected to cloud computing or other infrastructures enable the service provider to access all the real-time information which assists to make well-informed decisions, and understanding if a particular care therapy is responding as needed and thus the course of action can be taken accordingly. This helps in offering better treatment in a timely manner.

Reduced Cost

With the use of healthcare IT systems, patients are monitored on a real-time basis without the need for an actual visit to hospitals or homes. System facilities that are well equipped will reduce hospital visits and admitting in the hospital for check-ups.

Better Disease Management

As the patients are monitored on a continuous basis, the healthcare providers are able to access real-time data and the disease is treated on time.

Minimal Errors

Well-connected systems allow for collecting accurate real-time data and the automated workflows help to make decisions with minimal risk or error coupled with solutions.

Better Drug Management

The great amount of real-time data can help in predicting the current trend, also analyze the medical requirements of regular patients, and maintaining their inventory accordingly.

Better Patient Experience

Syncing with the healthcare system creates an environment that caters to the patient’s requirements. Treatment options and procedures based on the patient history and current medical condition help provide a better patient experience.

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