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The fourth industrial revolution or Industry 4.0 has introduced automation across the industries enabling businesses to achieve operational excellence and drive transformation. The interconnecting ability of machines or the Internet of Things, one of the four pillars of Industry 4.0, has led enterprises to gain insights of operations and products using the analytics and assisting in creating stronger business models, creating revenue streams and overall enhancing the customer experience.

Ghanwat Tech Services IoT services help businesses leverage the power of connected technologies and harness transactional data to derive actionable insights and take real-time actions. Our IoT specialists bring together sensor data, machine learning, and advanced analytics to build scalable IoT solutions and platforms that manage intelligent devices and machines seamlessly. Our end-to-end IoT offerings including sensors, edge computing, cloud, and analytics enable enterprises to enhance operational efficiency, boost user engagement, and unlock higher business value.

Our Full-Stack IoT Services

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IoT Consulting

Our consultants devise a practical IoT blueprint to help you with platform selection, implementation, and product enhancement. We leverage our IoT consulting expertise, backed by our Centre of Excellence, to transform your ideas into cutting-edge applications that help you reduce human labor, unlock revenue streams, and optimize asset utilization.

IoT Application Development

Develop native, web, hybrid and PWAs across platforms with integration of AI & ML capabilities. These scalable, and feature-rich IoT-driven applications are customized to solve real-world challenges. Our strategic application development helps in streamlining business operations and personalizing the user experience.

Wearable App Development

Development of future-ready applications that work with wearable devices including smart health watches, fitness trackers, wearable tech glasses, and gaming headsets. From building a robust backend to integrating APIs that bring multiple features to one platform, we perform end-to-end IoT software development that works in tandem with the sensors and microcomputers on these devices.

Voice-Enabled Technology Solutions

Empower businesses by redefining the way customers interact with smart devices by engineering voice-enabled technology solutions through the use of emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Neural Networks. Our IoT expertise, along with market-winning strategies, has a track record of delivering highly customized and impeccable solutions.

IoT Gateway Development

The deployment of IoT gateways helps integrate a multitude of devices and protocols that differ in terms of bandwidth, connectivity, and power requirements. We help businesses stay competitive by enabling them to connect their smart devices, sensors, and controllers to the cloud with IoT gateway development in a quick turnaround time.

IoT Implementation & Support

From integrations and testing of the interconnected ecosystem to maintenance, our IoT integration services wing prioritizes understanding your specific requirements and ensuring smooth execution of your IoT project. We provide preventive, perfective and adaptive maintenance to ensure the performance, and deliver expert support services to help generate high ROI through cost-effective capacity planning.

Business Benefits

Potential of Interconnected Smart Devices to Transform Business Operations and Efficiency


The mundane repetitive tasks are automated to enable human resources to focus on more complex tasks.


Automated control aids in simplifying the management of various processes, from inventory management to track.

Resource Management

Automated monitoring and scheduling of IoT devices assist in the optimized consumption of resources.

Cost Efficiency

Inter connected sensors help the business run equipment with peak efficiency and save the hassle of costly repairs.

Industry Use Cases


Developed a tracking app for a leading logistic firm to sync with their smart detection devices across the sites and give exact transit information as the shipment moved from origin to destination.


Developed an inventory tracking app for a leading eCommerce brand that would couple with the RFIDs to keep a complete track of their inventory and help them manage the warehouse facilities effortlessly.


Created a system for a beacon-enabled loyalty program, delivering a personalized experience for every customer, along with another system for shelf replenishment and product tracking.


With our expertise in IoT solutions, we developed a solution that would help this healthcare institution in keeping a track of their assets, medical staff and patient location, and remote patient monitoring.

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